Water Treatment Program for Aluminum Boilers

Purified Tannin

Choose the most efficient and simple water treatment program to treat multi-metal, closed loop hydronic systems

Water Quality Standards



Standards to preserve the operating efficiency of all Patterson-Kelley condensing boilers

Water Quality Standards Patterson-Kelley

New Standard for pH: 8.0 - 9.0

Using TGWT's water treatment program allows you to extend the pH range in your closed loop for a complete protection:

Aluminum (boiler), Mild Steel (piping) & multi-metals

Optimal pH Aluminum Mild Steel Water Treatment TGWT
Best pH Aluminum Mild Steel Water Treatment TGWT


R. Gaudreault, M. Dargahi; TGWT Inc.


Purified Tannin Products Available

The Product
Pail of Purified Tannins for Closed-Loop TGWT

TG 3304 PM2

Liquid form Purified Tannin
2 gallons per 1,000 gallons (2,000 ppm)
Non Hazardous
Solid Purified Tannins by ApTech and TGWT

B 3304-C-STX

Solid form Purified Tannin
3 stick per 1,000 gallons
Non Hazardous

How to Measure Purified Tannin

Color Test for Tannins Water Treatment TGWT

Simple Color Comparison Test


A simple colorimetric test is needed to measure the tannins' residual in a loop

In case of product overfeed, closed loop system will be protected against corrosion as long as the targeted pH range is being followed.

Aluminum Boilers Water Treatment Test Kit AquaPhoenix and TGWT

More Accurate Colorimetric Test​

Different test kits suited to your needs are available

To-do By Your Operators

Icon Testing TGWT





Residual tannin


Best practice is once a week


TGWT Patterson-Kelley Closed-Loop Test Kit


Tannin dosage and pH adjustment have to be performed to meet the targeted range

Icon Log Book TGWT

Log Book


All the values have to be registered in a log book


Every time you are running some tests


By the operator in charge of the tests


To keep a record and to make sure the program is under control​

Icon Recirculation TGWT


On shut down systems, in summer for example, water re-circulation should be done:

At least 1 hr/day


To ensure continuous surface protection


Water Sampling

Icon Startup TGWT

Day One Equipment Startup 

Water Samples from:

Water make-up

Each closed loop

Icon Quarter TGWT

Three Months

After the Startup 

Water Samples from:

Each closed loop


For highly contaminated systems, monthly analysis are highly advised

Icon Calendar TGWT

Each Year

After the Startup 

Water Samples from:

Each closed loop

Water samples should be sent to TGWT's laboratory.  This will show any significant changes in the water chemistry that could impact boiler’s operating efficiency. The lab report will allow you to correct any fluctuations in the water chemistry

Conductivity Meter TGWT


Download the lab Request Form

Send it with your samples to :



c/o Laboratory
Object: Patterson-Kelley analysis

452 Jean-Neveu Street
Longueuil, Quebec
Canada J4G 1N8



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